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Marketing Collaboration: Selling the Non-traditional Second Language Classroom to the Contemporary Student   (link)

Abstract: This paper is a two-part project consisting of a comparative study performed on two non-traditional classrooms, in traditional and non-traditional environments, and a summative reflection of the author’s experience teaching in one of those classrooms. The results of the study show students as resistant to non-traditional methods and show that the models Cummins and Freire have used to identify relationships of power, or styles of negotiation, are insufficient to describe what exists in a modern classroom, especially in community centers. These models lack the modern element of student consumerism and the negotiation style called Mother-Knows-Best. Study of these elements is requisite to solving the tensions that exist in adult, non-traditional classrooms. In addition, self-reflection and formative evaluations are the subject of Part II both to actually reflect on the events of the teaching experience as well as to illustrate their value for educators in the process of creating the desired community environment for a non-traditional classroom.

Creating From Nothing; Genesis of Community in The Family Literacy Center ESL Classroom (link)

This study regards the process that ocurred in developing a community based Adult ESL drop-in class through a night time literacy program. I spent a total of two years working on this program and writing about the program for my Master's Degree file paper.