CRLA Tutor Certification Level 1

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Workshop 1- Introduction to Tutoring

Documents for the Workshop:

  1. Cover Page for Certification and Checklist
  2. Assignments 1-3 (homework and discussion guide)    
  3. Learning Goals Worksheet
  4. Schedule (Spring 2014)
  5. Tutor Record Form C
  6. Guidelines for Tutor Preparedness
  7. Volunteer Agreement
  8. Volunteer Agencies list
  9. Evaluations

  • Workshop 2-- Learning Styles

    Documents for Workshop will be provided by facilitator. 

Workshop 3--Study Skills

Documents for Workshop will be provided by facilitator. 

Workshop 4-- Difficult Situations

There are no documents for this session.

Workshop 5- Students with Disabilities

This session offers some general information about the Americans with Disabilities Act, information and specifics about SLCC’s Disability Resource Center and the SLCC population.

In the session, the video “The 10 Commandments of Communicating with People with Disabilities”, which is Closed Captioned as well as Audio Descriptored, is viewed.  

Students are then asked to interview 1 of 3 DRC Advisors and conduct an interview about Disability Services. More information will be given during the session about the assignment.

Workshop 6- Content Area Interview

Instructions for Content Area Assignment (LINK)

Tutor Certification Level 1


Interview three instructors (two of which must be full time) who teach in the content area

that you were hired to tutor.


 If you are tutoring math, you need to select a full-time instructor from the math department (above 1000 level courses) and one full-time instructor from the  developmental math department (below 1000 level courses.) The third instructor may be full time or part-time from either department.


  1.  If you are a Student Writing Center tutor, your Student Writing Center training will suffice for this  assignment.  Have Clint Gardner sign and date your Tutor Certification Checklist for this assignment.
  2. If you are/have been hired to tutor in two or more subject areas, you will need    only select instructors from one area.
  3. Each interview should last at least 30 min.
  4. You should send a copy of the suggested questions (page two of this document) to the instructor before your scheduled interview so they will have time to consider their answers and offer additional information.  These questions are suggestions and you should formulate one or two additional questions appropriate for your content area.
  5. You should seek to discover what the instructor sees are the key issues when working with students from the classes they teach.  Ask for specific tips on how to explain difficult concepts.
  6. When you have interviewed all three instructors, use your notes to compile a “how to” or “tip” sheet in a format that would be easily shared with other tutors.  Remember to cite the three instructors that you interviewed.

NOTE:     Spelling, grammar, and acceptable academic form and style will be expected in the production of your final work.  If you have any questions or concerns about constructing an acceptable paper, please schedule an appointment with a writing tutor in the Writing Center (AD218) or in the Learning Center at campuses other than Redwood Road.