Conference Attendance

Rocky Mountain Peer Tutoring Conference 1998, 2005

National Tutoring Association Conference 2009

College Reading and Learning Association Conference 2010

Grant Training Center 2010

College Reading and Learning Association Conference 2011

Association for the Tutoring Profession Conference 2012

Touchstones First Generation 2013

SLCC Faculty Convention 2013

Touchstones Second Generation 2014

Southwest Association for Developmental Education Conference 2014, Q & A with Mike Rose. Notes from Back to School. 

How to Design a Teaching Portfolio conducted by Lynn Kilpatrick and Andrea Malouf. Nov 2014.

Conference on College Composition and Communication 2015. Evernote  

Utah College Reading and Learning Association State Conference. Salt Lake City, UT .April 2015. Evernote.

Taking Adversity out of Diversity: Building Inclusive Environment. Diversity Exploration and Inclusion Conference. Office of Diversity and Multicultural Affairs. SLCC. Oct 22, 2015 Evernote.

Conference Presentations

The Center Will Hold. Rocky Mountain Peer Tutoring Conference. Idaho State University, Pocatello, ID. 1998.

Gillis, Laura and Christie Hall. Rooting Out Concerns about Tutoring the Deaf. Rocky Mountain Peer Tutoring Conference. Brigham Young University, Provo, Utah. 2005. 

The Making of an Online Tutor Training Program. National Tutoring Association Conference. Salt Lake City, UT. April 2009. 

--College Reading and Learning Association. National Conference. Salt Lake City, UT. November 2010.

Campbell, Gary and Jennifer Fasy (unlisted: Christie Bogle). One Stop Tutor Shop. Association for the Tutoring Profession National Conference. Orlando, FL. 2011.

Practical Applications (link). Faculty Convention. Salt Lake Community College. Salt Lake City, UT. April 2013.

Co-presentation with Allison Hewett. "Connecting CRLA Tutor Certification to a New Era at SLCC." Utah College Reading and Learning Association State Conference. Salt Lake City, UT.April 2015. 

*Scheduled.* Co-presentation with Stephanie Maenhardt. "Cultivating Engagement in Online Learning." National Council of Teachers of English Annual Convention. Atlanta, GA. November 15, 2016

Training Publications and Presentations

What Works for Me. Editor. 2007-2008 (archive links below).

September 2007 (link)
October 2007 (link)
November 2007 (link)
January 2008 (link)
February 2008 (link)
March/April 2008 (link)

Learning Center Tutor Handbook. vers. 2010-2013.

"Adult Learners." New Faculty Orientation Diversity Module. 2014

Regional Coordinator Handbook; The Learning Center. 2014.  

Mandatory Tutor Training Online. Tutoring and Learning Support Task Force. 2008.

Reading List