Linguistics: Adult Second Language Acquisition and TESOL, Master of Arts. University of Utah. Salt Lake City, UT. May 2002.

Linguistics, with a Minor in Spanish. Bachelor of Arts. University of Utah, Salt Lake City, UT. May 2000.

General Studies, Assoc. of Science. Salt Lake Community College. Salt Lake City, UT. May 1998.


Teachers of English for Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) Certified. University of Utah. Salt Lake City, UT. May 2002

Grant Writing Center Certificate of Completion. Grant Training Center. Salt Lake City, UT. December 2011

BEST Literacy and BEST Plus. Guadalupe Schools. Salt Lake City, UT. August 2004. 

Teaching Experience

Instructor, Composition & Linguistics (FT), Salt Lake Community  College. Salt Lake City, UT. 8/15/2015-current.

Classroom Instruction

  • Introduction to Writing (English 1010) Online, Hybrid and Face-to-Face (F2F)
  • Introduction to the Study of Language (English 1200) Online and F2F

Lecturer, Composition & Linguistics (FT). Salt Lake Community College. Salt Lake City, UT.  8/15/2014-2015.

Classroom Instruction

  • Introduction to Writing (English 1010) Online, Hybrid and Face-to-Face (F2F)
  • Introduction to the Study of Language (English 1200) Online and F2F

Adjunct Instructor (PT).  Salt Lake Community College. Salt Lake City, UT.  8/2002- Current

Classroom Instruction

  • Introduction to Writing (English 1010)
  • Intermediate Writing (English 2010)
  • Introduction to the Study of Language (English 1200) F2F/hybrid and Online
  • College Preparatory Writing (Writing 0990)
  • Basic Writing (Writing 0900)
  • CRLA Tutor Certification (LE 1240)
  • Prison Course Writing 0990/English 1010
  • Composed diversity funding proposal for Introduction to the Study of Language
  • Began proposal process for articulation of Introduction to the Study of Language with the University of Utah, Weber State and Utah State Universities
  • Redesign of CRLA Tutor Certification to become multi-disciplinary, multi-program “STEP” tutor training and certification system to serve over 100 tutors from ten SLCC tutoring programs.


Graduate Teaching Assistant. University of Utah. Salt Lake City, UT. 8/2000-5/2002

Classroom Instruction

  • Composition for Non-native Speakers (ESL 1050)
  • Expository Writing for ESL (ESL 1060)
  • Introduction to the Study of Language (ESL 1200

Associate Instructor. University of Utah. Salt Lake City, UT, 5/2002-8/2002

Classroom Instruction

  • Expository Writing for ESL (ESL 1060)

Professional Development

Rocky Mountain Peer Tutoring Conference 1998, 2005

National Tutoring Association Conference 2009

College Reading and Learning Association Conference 2010

Grant Training Center 2010

College Reading and Learning Association Conference 2011

Association for the Tutoring Profession Conference 2012

Touchstones First Generation 2013

SLCC Faculty Convention 2013

Touchstones Second Generation 2014

Southwest Association for Developmental Education Conference 2014, Q & A with Mike Rose. Notes from Back to School. 

How to Design a Teaching Portfolio conducted by Lynn Kilpatrick and Andrea Malouf. Nov 2014.

Conference on College Composition and Communication, March 2015. 

*Scheduled* Utah College Reading and Learning Association State Conference, April 2015.

 Conference Presentations

The Center Will Hold. Rocky Mountain Peer Tutoring Conference. Idaho State University, Pocatello, ID. 1998.

Gillis, Laura and Christie Hall. Rooting Out Concerns about Tutoring the Deaf. Rocky Mountain Peer Tutoring Conference. Brigham Young University, Provo, Utah. 2005. 

The Making of an Online Tutor Training Program. National Tutoring Association Conference. Salt Lake City, UT. April 2009. 

--College Reading and Learning Association. National Conference. Salt Lake City, UT. November 2010.

Campbell, Gary and Jennifer Fasy (unlisted: Christie Bogle). One Stop Tutor Shop. Association for the Tutoring Profession National Conference. Orlando, FL. 2011.

"Practical Applications." Faculty Convention. Salt Lake Community College. Salt Lake City, UT. April 2013.

Co-presentation with Allison Hewett. "Connecting CRLA Tutor Certification to a New Era at SLCC."  Utah College Reading and Learning Association State Conference. Salt Lake City, UT.April 2015.

Training Publications and Presentations

What Works for Me. Editor. 2007-2008 (archive links below).

September 2007, October 2007, November 2007January 2008, February 2008, March/April 2008

Learning Center Tutor Handbook. vers. 2010-2013.

"Adult Learners.New Faculty Orientation Diversity Module. 2014

Regional Coordinator Handbook; The Learning Center. 2014.  

Mandatory Tutor Training Online. Tutoring and Learning Support Task Force. 2008.

Reading List



Volunteer. Scribe, Ring Steward. Georgia Dressage and Combined Training Association. April 2015 -current.

Hiring Committee for North and South Regions Learning Center Coordinator. Fall 2014.

Newsletter Editor for Utah Dressage Society. December 2013- December 2014.

Scribe. Utah Dressage Society rated, Short Tour, and Hoofprints shows 2013-2014.

"Universal Access Self-Study" led by Melissa Helquist, Clint Gardner and Lynn Kilpatrick for 2014-2015.

Tutor training and administrative support for the Academic Literacy Center Fall 2014.

CRLA Tutor Certification as the STEP training program.  2012- 2015.

"Adult Learners." New Faculty Orientation Diversity Module. Spring 2014.

"Writing and Social Justice Conference Committee" Fall 2014-current.

SLCC S.O.A.P Student Club Faculty Advisor, 2010.

"Transition to Adult Living Mentor," 2012 and 2011.  

Parent Teacher Leadership Team Interim President. City Academy Charter School. Salt Lake City, UT. 2009-2010.

Volunteer Coordinator. City Academy Charter School. Salt Lake City, UT. 2008-2010.

Family Division Introduction Leader and Volunteer Coordinator. Landmark Education. Salt Lake City, UT.  2001-2003.


"And Horse was Her Middle Name." Collected Remarks; Newsletter of the Georgia Dressage and Combined Training Association. September 2015.

"April Showers Bring May Flowers... ."Utah Dressage Society Newsletter. May 2014, (5).

'Captain John “Jack” Fritz.' Utah Dressage Society Newsletter. February 2014, (6-7).

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"Cornerstones: a series in UDS history." Utah Dressage Society Newsletter. February 2014, (3-4).

"Cornerstones: Learning How to Learn as an Adult Amateur."Utah Dressage Society Newsletter. August 2014, (7-8).

"Cornerstones: Life Hack: two riders find freedom in Dressage." Utah Dressage Society Newsletter. July 2014, (9-13). 

"Cornerstones: Patron of Utah Dressage."Utah Dressage Society Newsletter. June 2014, (3-5).

"Cornerstones: This is Your Life, UDS!" Utah Dressage Society Newsletter. March 2014, (6-8).

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"Inside Feature: The Math Lab." What Works for Me. Mar/Apr 2008.

"In the Limelight; Tutor Certification." What Works for Me. November 2007.

"Introducing..." What Works for Me. January 2008.

Introduction to Tutoring. Web. 2009. (archived)

"The Limelight." What Works for Me. October 2007.

 “Marketing Collaboration: Selling the Non-traditional Second Language Classroom to the Contemporary Student.” File Paper.

"National Tutoring Association Legacy Project." What Works for Me. February 2008.

"Native English Speaker [Perception] of Full and Reduced Vowels in Auxiliaries can and can’t.” University of Utah Working Papers in Linguistics: Proceedings of the First Annual Student Conference in Linguistics of the Department of Linguistics at the University of Utah, Number 1, April 2003.

"One Your Way Out: Editor's Commentary." What Works for Me. October, 2007.

"One Your Way Out: Editor's Commentary." What Works for Me. September, 2007.

Sensible Horsewoman. August 2013-October 2014. (Blog).

Utah Dressage Society Newsletter. Editor. December 2013-December 2014.

"Utah’s Young Pro Flies South for Winter Ed." Utah Dressage Society Newsletter. February 2014, (5-6).

What Works for Me. Editor. September, 2007-March 2008.


Non-Traditional Instruction

WeTC Quality Assurance Coordinator. Washington State Board of Technical and Community Colleges. Online, 2013-current. 

East Valley Learning Center Coordinator. Salt Lake Community College. Salt Lake City, UT 2005-2014. 


Reading Center- Original coordinator and faculty/student trainer for use of Ellis and Merrit softwares 2006-2007.

ESL Lab- coordinated South City Campus services and coordinated South City Campus of the Academic Literacy Center 2003-2014.

Tutoring and Learning Support Task Force 2005-2010.

  • One Stop Tutor Shop- wrote proposal which was funded $20,000.
  • Online Tutoring Subcommittee- co-wrote proposal for Online Tutoring, funded $25,000.

o    Northwest eTutoring Consortium Institutional Coordinator

o    Coordinator of Online Tutoring services

  • Mandatory Tutor Training Development

CRLA Tutor Certification

SLCC's Tutoring Excellence Program (STEP)


Voluntary Improvement Program ESL Specialist. Guadalupe Schools VIP (Adult ESL). Salt Lake City, UT.  5/2004- 4/2008


o    Business Partnership Program

o    ELLIS technology support

o    IHC Health and Wellness Initiative


Adult ESL Volunteer Tutoring Program Consultant.  Salt Lake City, UT. Family Literacy Center at West High School. 9/2000-6/2001

Horseback riding instruction, private. 2009-2014.