"Linguistics is the study  of the structure of human language. Linguists attempt to describe in an objective and nonjudgmental fashion the internalized and unconscious knowledge that the native speakers of a language share, which allows them to both speak and understand their language." 

(O'Grady p. 7).

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    Christie's Hall of Fame Media about Language and Linguistics 

    Follow the above link for some interesting media clips about language, linguistics, animal language research (the topic we don't get to study) and feel free to share some of your own with me. I'll put them in!

     Introduction to the Study of Language

    Three chickens dressed at pirates say

    Image credit: http://www.savagechickens.com/2008/09/talk-like-a-pirate-2008.html 

    If you need a review of your basic parts of speech, try this entertaining musical review from the cannon of edutainment media!
    Image location: http://speechroomnews.blogspot.com/2012_05_01_archive.html

    Morphology (LINK TO PAGE)

    Syntax and Semantics (LINK TO PAGE)

    cartoon credit: http://walkinthewords.blogspot.com/2009/10/linguistics-cartoon-favorites-syntax.html