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This website comprises academic and professional activity from 1996 through current day. For the most recent academic work, please view my Curriculum Vitae and  relevant years from Committee Review Documents.

I am a full-time instructor at Salt Lake Community College in the English Department where I teach freshman composition, technical writing and linguistics. My full-time Lecturer appointment began Fall 2014, though I had already taught adjunct since 2003 in English, Linguistics, Developmental Writing and Learning Enhancement. 

I have a broad history of teaching in varying instructional contexts, traditional and non-traditional, youth and adult, from basic ESL through University-level composition. I have taught at community centers, a prison campus, community college and university. I teach online, hybrid and face-to-face. I also teach employing OER and low-cost texts as well as employing service learning.

Involvement in tutoring centers has contributed significantly to my teaching. My work has included live face-to-face, synchronous and asynchronous online tutoring. For several years I served as the online, asynchronous tutoring quality assurance coordinator for a multi-institutional tutoring consortium. I served a decade at SLCC as a full-time staff coordinator for tutoring at SLCC's Learning Centers where I coordinated the College Reading and Learning Association Tutor Certification Program and designed many of the materials that remain in use today. Tutoring was my original gateway into teaching. Through tutoring, I entered into teaching from the view that learning is multi-faceted and individual. I prioritize student access in all teaching.